Saturday, 12 June 2010

Something that made me cry this week.......

The strokes, my favourite band in the world, played a secret gig about 10 minutes away from my flat but I couldnt get a ticket : ( stood outside before it started but the tickets were going for £500, trully gutted

If we took a holiday...oh yeh oh yeh

Went on holiday with my good friend Henry to a really tiny island off the coast of Morroco,the most relaxing place with incredible views, take me back there now!!! Roll on Ibiza in september x


Ive been a badd blogger of late and havent updated the site for over a month! Sorrrreeee, been busy on various holidays and trips! First off I went to Amsterdam with my girls for Lucy's birthday, cue constant laughing and eating all weekend! Amazing! x

Miss Juicy Lucy herself x